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Granite & Marble Maintenance Products For Shower & Bath

Cleaning mildew, bathroom mold, soap film and hard water deposits is simple with the professional grade Stone Care Pro products safe for all granite & marble maintenance.

Don't make the mistake of using common cleaning products from grocery or big box stores. Nearly all of these will damage / etch your marble, travertine, limestone and slate.

We enthusiastically recommend the Stone Care Pro line as the most consistently effective granite, travertine & marble maintenance products on the market. Specifically engineered safe for all natural stone and cheaper than many competitors too!

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Senguard Granite Sealer

Featured on: diY Network

FREE Shipping! (Delivery only to continental USA)

NEW & Advanced marble & granite sealer using cutting-edge nano-technology and specialized molecules to penetrate deeper forming a permanent bond and barrier that actually repels oil and water.

SenGuard provides the most durable, long-lasting stain protection available in a  DIY natural stone sealer kit that includes a "how to" DVD video, step-by-step booklet, applicator and finishing cloth. Covers 50 - 200 square feet. (Delivery to continental USA addresses only)

Marble shower cleaner-remove hard water-soap scum

(Formerly Pristine) Cleaning soap scum and hard water deposits is never easier with this powerful formula. Will not damage polished stone surfaces. Also, very effective removing grout haze left on newly installed stone surfaces.

marble etching polishing product

Specially formulated professional-grade etch remover / marble polishing paste for removing dull spots, water-spots and glass-rings due to chemical etching and light scratches on shiny polished marble, travertine, limestone & onyx. Easy to use!

bathroom mold mildew remover

Cleaning mildew & bathroom mold is simple with our spray (formerly Blast) specially formulated safe for cleaning marble, travertine, granite, quartz, and all other surfaces. No heavy scrubbing needed!

anti slip tile floor cleaner
New & Advanced! ANTI-SLIP Floor Tile Cleaner dramatically improves traction & safety on slippery entryway, bathroom floor tile and kitchen flooring. One-step application to clean and increase slip resistance! 
Wonderful for cleaning marble flooring, tile shower floors, travertine, granite, ceramic, porcelain and all hard surfaces. Biodegradable too!


Toilet Bowl cleaner non-acidic

Best toilet bowl cleaner for use around marble, travertine and limestone floors and walls that are damaged by other regular or common toilet bowl cleaners. Non-acidic formula won't etch or dull marble floors when spilled.

Stone Plus Value Kit granite-marble cleaning spray

The same excellent STONE PLUS marble & granite countertop cleaner extremely popular with consumers and pros now in a concentrated formula kit for added savings and value!

You get up to 9 quarts for routine use cleaning marble, granite countertop care, natural stone, quartz countertops, backsplashes, and even cleaning mirrors. 

granite countertop cleaner

Superior granite countertop care & marble cleaning spray extremely popular with consumers and pros! For routine use cleaning marble, granite, natural stone, quartz countertops, backsplashes, ceramic and even cleaning mirrors. Recommended by This Old House Magazine.

Tile Floor cleaner

INTENSIVE Tile & Grout concentrated, heavy-duty alkaline cleaner is specifically formulated to quickly and effectively remove all soils, greases and oils that accumulate in grouted stone floors. Works wonders restoring and cleaning heavily soiled areas.

tile floor cleaner

INTENSIVE Tile & Grout concentrated, heavy-duty alkaline cleaner is specifically formulated to quickly and effectively remove all soils, oils and greases that accumulate in grouted stone floors. Works wonders restoring and cleaning heavily soiled areas.

granite countertop care cleaner sealer kit

The Marble & Granite Countertop Care Kit has everything you need to protect, clean and maintain the beauty and value of your granite, marble, natural stone and quartz countertops. Includes (1) 32 ounce bottle of each:

  • STONE SEALER: Water-based impregnating marble & granite sealer
  • NEUTRAL CLEANER: Streak-free, pH-neutral daily marble & granite countertop cleaner
  • STONE CONDITIONER: Topical granite & marble polish for enhanced shine, color & protection
Sink, Tub, Toilet & Tile Chip Repair Kit

New Product!   FREE Shipping!

Quickly repair chips, pits, gouges and cracks in standard white sinks, showers, tubs, toilets and tile. White acrylic paste easily fills blemishes and permanently bonds to porcelain, fiberglass, enameled steel, ceramic, acrylic and other surfaces.

Up to 10 small repairs.

sink, tub, toilet repair kit materials countertop specialty

New Product!   FREE Shipping!

Repair pits, chips, cracks and gouges in sinks, tubs, toilets, showers and tile. Light-curing acrylic gel readily fills defects and permanently bonds to porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, enameled steel, acrylic and several other surfaces.

Pro size kit with material for 15-25 repairs.

Available colors: White, Almond, Bone, Kohler White

Marble Granite Pit-Chip Repair Kit

FREE Shipping!

Super product! Marble and granite repair kit fills chips, pits & nicks quickly and easily for virtually invisible granite or marble repair, Silestone and other quartz countertops, floor tile, tub & shower tile, travertine, limestone, slate and porcelain tile. For level, horizontal surface repair.

Sufficient material for 5-10 small repairs.

Granite Marble Repair Kit Chips-Pits

FREE Shipping! 

For Walls & Edges

Do-it-yourself granite & marble repair kit quickly fills chips, pits & nicks for nearly invisible granite counter top repair, marble repair, travertine, limestone, slate, Silestone, quartz counter repair, tub & shower tile.

For vertical surface repair, walls & edges. Up to 25 small repairs.

Excellent & unique product! Far easier to use than resins or epoxies. No mess, mixing or color matching required!

Pit Repair Kit: Black Granite Counter top Repair cover

New Product... FREE Shipping!

Super product! Black Marble & Granite Repair Kit gel quickly and easily fills pits, chips, gouges and deep scratches for virtually invisible repair on granite, marble, quartz, porcelain, floor tile, tub & shower tile too.

Sufficient material for 10-15 repairs

marble polish-granite polishing product

TOPICAL CONDITIONING POLISH (formerly Dazzle) is a stone and marble polish that creates a shiny shield of protection that repels water, reduces fingerprints, improves cleaning and visually restores slightly worn surfaces.

marble polishing-marble repair kit

Restore, Clean, Polish! This marble maintenance kit comes with:

  • MARBLE POLISHING PASTE: 8 oz. to remove etch marks and light scratches...
  • NEUTRAL CLEANER: 32 oz. marble cleaning spray for effective and safe daily cleaning and...
  • STONE CONDITIONER: 32 oz. to add a little extra shine and protection.
marble granite sealer stone care pro

Superior marble & granite sealer (formerly named: STONE SENTRY) provides an invisible, long-lasting protective barrier for excellent resistance to water and oil stains on all natural stone & porous surfaces. Excellent concrete sealer too.

color enhancer marble granite sealer

ENHANCER is a marble, travertine & granite sealer designed for honed, tumbled, flamed or non-polished surfaces to darken the color and give the stone that wet look.