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Granite Countertop Care & Marble Cleaning Products

We've Tried The Rest... So You Get Only The Best!

Over the years we've used many different products and brands like: Miracle, Aqua Mix, Stone Tech and others. Some of these are good products, some just mediocre and a few very poor.

We know that you don't want to perform the same experiment, so take advantage of our experience. We've taken out the guess-work for you. 

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We use and highly recommend all the products available here in our Stone Care Center as the most consistently effective, reliable and safe stone care products available.

Each product / brand has been chosen for its exceptional performance compared to other brands and products for granite countertop care, cleaning marble, travertine maintenance, cleaning limestone, all other natural stone and quartz countertop surfaces too.

You'll find everything you need for safe and correct granite countertop care, marble cleaning, marble maintenance, cleaning travertine floor tile and all stones in-between including engineered quartz. We'll help you keep the stone in your home looking gorgeous!

And don't make the mistake of using generic or common household cleaning products. Common cleaners will damage your stone! Using products specifically formulated for marble cleaning, granite & natural stone is a must to preserve the beauty and prolong the value of your investment and help you avoid costly repairs. All products found here were developed by pros for pros. They work wonders for us... they will for you too!

Solving Problems

Granite & marble maintenance is simple once you learn how to do it the right way. Without the proper knowledge it's also easy to make damaging mistakes. If you have a problem, we are here to help! You'll get the expert advice you need in our downloadable "How To" e-Books. Each one is packed with in-depth explanations, proven solutions and step-by-step instructions to help you solve and avoid a variety of issues related to granite countertop care, marble maintenance, sealing granite countertops, stains, glass-rings and more.

Finding What You Need

Each category contains only those products formulated and appropriate for that type of installation. Some products are listed in multiple categories since they've been developed to be effective across a variety of applications. Each product listing contains a short description of it's intended use. Click "details" for more complete information and guidelines for effective use.

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