Pits & Chip Repair: Granite & Marble Repair Kit


Pits / Chips: Granite and Marble Repair Kit (clear paste)


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Granite Repair & Marble Repair Kit (walls & edges)


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Quick-curing granite repair & marble repair kit is a unique product that easily fills chips, nicks & pits for nearly invisible granite countertop repair, marble repair, all natural stone, quartz counter repair, Corian countertops, tub & shower tile. For vertical surface repair, walls & edges. **Up to 25 small repairs.


NOTE: For granite repair & marble repair (Silestone, travertine, slate and all stone) on horizontal surfaces and countertops use the Granite & Marble Repair Kit - gel (click here).


Granite & marble repair with most other products is difficult having to mix epoxies or resins, attempting to match stone colors and waiting hours for curing. The typical result is a gooey mess and very noticeable marble or granite countertop repair.


This Granite & Marble Repair Kit eliminates all that hassle and provides far superior results. Using an advanced, light-curing acrylic (LCA) paste that once cured reveals the natural color and pattern of the stone, so you get a nearly invisible granite repair, quartz surface repair or marble repair... fantastic!


This acrylic paste comes in a ready-to-use syringe to fill several (15 to 25) blemishes on vertical surfaces like shower walls and countertop edges without any mixing or mess. Or the paste can also be used for larger chips, gouges and deep scratch repair on level surfaces.


After applying you can mold and shape the paste to match edge contours. Then a simple LED pen light (provided in the kit) is used to dry and cure the paste in minutes. Once cured the acrylic can be sanded and/or polished with materials provided in the surface repair kit.


A Few More Benefits:

  • Excellent for granite, quartz and marble repair, however, most surfaces found in kitchens, bathrooms and on floors can be repaired including Silestone quartz surfaces
  • Easy-to-use paste is, moldable, sandable and can be polished to a high gloss
  • Easily achieve professional results
  • Cures in minutes not hours
  • Non-toxic and suitable for food prep areas
  • UV resistant and will not turn yellow, shrink or dull over time
  • Provides superior adhesion and durability for permanent surface repair
  • Resistant to water, cleaners, detergents and acids
  • Lowest cost per professional granite & marble repair

Use For: vertical surface repair, walls & edges, granite repair, marble repair, Silestone, quartz counter repair, Corian and all solid-surfaces, travertine, limestone, slate, porcelain, fiberglass, floor tile, shower and tub tile pit, chip and deep scratch repair. Also suitable for repair of larger chips and gouges on level surfaces.


NOT suitable for light surface scratch repair or shallow surface blemishes that do not provide sufficient surface area for the product to effectively adhere. Light surface scratch repair on granite requires re-polishing by a professional. On marble use the Marble Polish / Etch Remover (click here) for light surface scratch repair. 


The Granite & Marble Repair Kit comes complete with:

  • 3-Gram LCA Paste Syringe (enough material for 15 to 25 small surface repairs)
  • 2 Molding sticks
  • 5 sheets of sandpaper
  • Small LED curing light
  • Polish paste packet
  • Microfiber polish cloth


Free Shipping: You will not be charged shipping costs on the Granite & Marble Repair Kit, which ships separately from all other products. However, a handling fee may still apply and shipping costs for any other product(s) ordered will still apply.

Reviewed by Donna D, 07/03/2023

Recently purchased the kit because we had small chips on our granite. Hubby got to work as soon as the kit arrived. I was excited but skeptical. He repaired the first one and needed to add more filler. Once he was done it was the best. You never knew there was a chip! I was so excited. I marked the areas where we had chips and in less than an hour he had it all done! So nice to have smooth edges again. The kit was fairly easy to use once u read through the directions. Definitely going to have this product on hand at all times ! Thanks for all you do to keep our homes beautiful!

Reviewed by Robert D, 10/27/2021

The kit worked good! You have to look closer than before to see the damaged area. I would buy again!

Reviewed by Woodrow C, 09/06/2018

Received product and they worked better than anticipated.

Reviewed by Robert J, 03/05/2018

It worked well. Actually pleased my wife, who's a tough sell.

Reviewed by Kathy R, 12/04/2017

The product worked really well!

Reviewed by derek , 01/10/2017

Saved me and my two year old's rears. Happy wife, happy life.

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