Pro-Quality Cleaners for Quartz Countertops & Man-Made Surfaces
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All products in this category are safe and effective for use on quartz countertops, Corian, solid surface, cultured marble, porcelain, ceramic, concrete, laminate, all other engineered or man-made surfaces, and natural stone surfaces. 

marble, granite, and quartz countertop cleaner - pH neutral - spray bottle
Stone Care: Granite and Marble Cleaning Spray (1 QT)

For routine use cleaning marble countertops, granite, natural stone, quartz countertops, concrete, cultured marble, backsplashes, ceramic, and mirrors. Sprayer included. 

Stone Plus granite and marble cleaning spray value kit concentrate plus spray bottle
STONE PLUS Granite and Marble Cleaning Spray VALUE KIT

Excellent Value Kit for extra savings! Get up to 9 quarts for routine use cleaning marble, granite, & quartz countertops, natural stone, backsplashes, mirrors, fixtures.

marble and granite polishing product shine enhancer
Stone Care: Topical Granite and Marble Polish (1 QT)

Enhances surface shine, reduces fingerprints, improves cleaning ability and surface protection. Use on polished granite and marble countertops, polished natural stone, quartz, Corian, and cultured marble.

mb5 granite and marble cleaning spray gallon bottle
Stone Care: Granite and Marble Cleaning Spray (Gal)

For routine use cleaning marble countertops, granite, natural stone, quartz countertops, Corian, cultured marble, concrete, backsplashes, porcelain, ceramic, and mirrors.

certified GREEN granite, quartz, and marble cleaner
Stone Care: Green Certified Granite and Marble Cleaner (1 QT)

EPA certified "Green" granite & marble cleaning spray. Also excellent for quartz countertops, travertine, limestone, slate, Corian, concrete, cultured marble, porcelain & ceramic tile. 

Granite & Marble Cleaning Wipes bottle - mb 17
Stone Care: Granite and Marble Cleaning WIPES (70 ct)

Towelettes pre-moistened with the Stone Care Cleaner formula. Quickly wipe away spills, fingerprints, dust & debris. Super for mirrors too. 

stainless steel wipes to clean, polish, and protect refrigerators and appliances
Stainless Steel Cleaning Wipes (40 ct.)

Powerful formula cleans and polishes stainless steel appliances leaving a streak-free shine and a protective clear coating. Quickly removes fingerprints, smudges, food spills, grease, and water spots. Works on brass, silver, chrome, and copper too.

Marble cleaner to remove hard water stains, soap scum, grout haze
Stone Care: Soap Film / Hard Water Remover (1 QT)

Easily cleans soap scum & hard water deposits on shower tiles, countertops, sinks & faucets. Safe on all natural stone. Removes grout haze on new tile.

Stone Care bathroom mold and mildew remover for travertine, marble, and granite
Stone Care: Mold and Mildew Stain Remover (1 QT)

Specially formulated product safe for removing mildew & bathroom mold on marble, travertine, granite, quartz, & all other surfaces. No heavy scrubbing needed! Leaves surface sanitary. 

Granite, marble, travertine shower & bathroom cleaning kit - for cleaning mold, mildew, hard water, soap scum and counte
Stone Care: Bath and Shower Kit

Everything you need to keep your bath & shower sparkling clean is included. Safe on all natural stone.

  • SOAP SCUM / HARD WATER CLEANER for removing soap scum & hard water deposits
  • MOLD & MILDEW CLEANER  for effectively removing bathroom mold & mildew
  • COUNTERTOP CLEANER for easy, streak-free daily marble & granite countertop cleaning
  • Sprayers: ( 2 ) Trigger sprayers included
Marble and Granite chip and pit repair kit clear acrylic gel
Pits / Chips: Marble and Granite Repair Kit (clear gel)


Fill chips & pits for virturally invisible repair: granite, marble, Silestone, quartz, Corian, travertine, floor tile, limestone, slate, onyx, all natural stone, & porcelain tile.

For horizontal surface. Fills 5-10 small pits.

Marble and granite chips and pits repair kit - paste for vertical surfaces
Pits / Chips: Granite and Marble Repair Kit (clear paste)

Fills chips, pits & nicks for nearly invisible repair of granite, marble, quartz countertops, travertine, limestone, slate, Silestone, Corian, tub & shower tile.

For walls & edges. Up to 25 small repairs.

granite and marble repair kit for cracks - color matching gel
Granite and Marble Repair Kit (color-matching gel)

Repair cracks, fill joints, seams, scratches, large gouges, pits or holes, or re-attach chips on granite, marble, quartz, travertine, and porcelain. Best choice when a specific color-match is needed (vs. a clear gel. See description for more details). 

Pits / Chips: Black Granite and Marble Repair Kit (black gel)

Quickly  fills pits, chips, gouges and deep scratches for virtually invisible repair on granite, marble, quartz, Corian, porcelain, floor tile, tub & shower tile.

Sufficient material for 10-15 repairs

granite polishing pads and jar of polishing cream - drill attachment kit
Granite Polishing Kit

NEW! Polish granite & quartz countertops like a pro with this DIY kit. New breakthrough proprietary polishing cream makes it easy for anyone to restore or improve the shine and finish. 


Quartz Countertops are manufactured primarily from natural stone being composed of 93% quartz. Thus, the best care & cleaning products for quartz countertops are those made for cleaning granite, marble, and natural stone.

Many common, household cleaners will damage quartz countertops. Some can be used safely on quartz, however, many will, in fact, discolor the resins in quartz leaving permanent marks. The best advice is to only use cleaners made for use on granite & marble. These will not damage or discolor quartz at all. Of course, not all products made for use on natural stone are suitable for use on quartz (such as sealers and marble etch removers).

This category lists the top-performing products made for safe and effective use on quartz countertops, Corian solid-surface, cultured marble, porcelain, ceramic, laminate, concrete, and all other engineered or man-made surfaces. Use with confidence!