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Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances, Countertops, Sinks, Backsplashes and more!


For cleaning stainless steel appliances, a stainless steel backsplash, stainless steel countertops, kitchen sink, bar sink or bbq grill nothing compares to STEEL KLEEN by Stone Care Pro. It's the best stainless steel cleaner we've ever tested and we're confident you'll agree it's the best you've ever used!


STEEL KLEEN stainless steel cleaner is non-abrasive, non-toxic and food safe. It truly cleans stainless steel appliances and other metal surfaces of all oxides leaving a streak-free and polished protective barrier against scratches and fingerprints.


Stainless steel is a metal alloy made of 10 percent chromium 90 percent iron that resists corrosion, rust and is easy to clean.  However, if the surface metal is damaged through wear or corrosion, stainless steel will rust like regular steel rusts. Dirt, dust and grime increase the risk for damage, corrosion and rust, so it is important to properly clean, condition and protect the surface... not just wipe it down with hot water or any old cleaner.


STEEL KLEEN is head and shoulders above any other stainless steel cleaner on the market providing superior results for good reason:

  •     Cleans Stainless Steel Appliances without streaking
  •     Restores, conditions & polishes dry and dull stainless steel
  •     Helps protect against scratches and fingerprints
  •     A little spray goes a long way saving you money!
  •     Non-toxic "green" cleaner safe for food prep & environment


STEEL KLEEN is excellent for:

  • Cleaning stainless steel appliances
  • stainless steel countertops
  • stainless steel backsplashes
  • Kitchen & bar sinks
  • BBQ grills
  • Aluminum, brass, chrome
  • Leather and wood even!

Very easy to use. Apply with a soft cloth... NEVER use any type of abrasive brush, pad or steel wool.

Reviewed by Patricia V, 04/09/2019

I just got my Stainless Steel product and love it! I never knew they had anything that good. I've tried all kinds of things and I have a new refrigerator and a new dishwasher and they get streaky and the only thing I found before this that did a nice job was WD-40 of all things. That would shine it pretty good, but Oh my God this was absolutely wonderful.

I did everything that I could find in my kitchen. I wanted you to know you have a very satisfied customer. I wish I could sell it because I am really pleased. The product is so wonderful.

Reviewed by Marcia , 11/05/2016

After reading glowing reviews, I purchased the Steel Kleen bottle at a cost of $25. I had been using all of the stainless steel cleaners that most consumers buy at our local stores but wasn't thrilled with the streaking that was sometimes left after application.

I've very disappointed in this product & even more disappointed that the company doesn't stand behind their product with any return policy after the product has been opened and tried! Shame on me for not reading the return policy before purchasing & only depending on these glowing reviews. This stainless steel cleaner didn't do anything on my sink ( less than 1 month old ) & I'm now stuck with throwing it down the drain along with my money. I'll be returning to my Sprayway Stainless cleaner that actually cleans & polishes! Save your money. =========== COUNTERTOP SPECIALTY REPLY: Thanks for your feedback Marcia. We certainly apologize that the product did not perform as you had expected. Although, you did not mention how or why you were not satisfied with it. This information would be very helpful to readers. Also, we DO stand behind our products with a 100% money-back guarantee as posted on every page of our website. Please know that if you ever have a problem we are happy to help in any way possible. All you need to do is contact us and we will resolve any issue. And if a product ever fails to perform as intended, we will provide a refund.

Reviewed by Debra k, 02/04/2015

I have a new sink and this product works great on it. it is everything the description said it was. It does a great job.

Reviewed by Trudy K, 11/24/2014

Great stainless steel cleaner, better than other products I have tried. Using several products and all of them are high quality, thank you Counter Top Specialty!

Reviewed by Debbie D, 03/13/2014

I use this stainless steel cleaner as well as Stone Plus cleaner to keep my newly remodeled kitchen clean and fresh. I have tried many products before finding Stone Care and this all I use now. Great products and wonderful customer service.

Reviewed by Patricia W, 09/17/2012

I've been keeping things clean with your Stone Plus spray. I've also found that your Stainless spray Steel Kleen is the only product that works on a Viking frig. 1st class products and service.

Reviewed by Denise S, 11/01/2010

Without a doubt this is the best stainless steel cleaner I have ever used. When I was done all my appliances looked brand new. If you have stainless steel appliances you need this cleaner!

Reviewed by Dorothea , 07/16/2010

This is the first product I have used on my stainless steel that actually works and is simple to use. I love this product.

Reviewed by Ted , 05/13/2010

I’ve never used any product other than dish soap before, but this specialty cleaning product from Stone Care Pro applies easily and works wonderfully in protecting our investment and keeping the stainless looking brand new!

Steel Kleen has proven a very effective barrier against soap, grim and fingerprints in our new under mount stainless steel sink and actually causes water to bead up and run off as if we had applied a coat of wax! It works equally well on all our appliance stainless facades and trims and leaves a fresh, aromatic and clean smell to the kitchen. Now I have no need to search for any other SS cleaningprotective products…Found It!

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