Sealing Granite Countertops: Marble & Granite Sealer
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stain-proof permanent marble and granite sealer bottle - new - qt
Stain-Proof Permanent Marble and Granite Sealer

Better than SenGuard! Cutting-edge marble & granite sealer technology forms permanent bonds for maximum protection against all types of stains. Lasting durability is superior to standard sealers. No re-application needed. Covers 20-250 sq. ft. Available in USA only

Marble & Granite Sealer, Grout Sealer, travertine, Concrete Sealer, MB-24
Stone Care: Impregnating Marble and Granite Sealer (1 QT)

Superior marble & granite sealer providing a long-lasting protective barrier for excellent resistance to water & oil-based stains on all natural stone.

Color-enhancing sealer for travertine, marble & granite countertops and floor tile
Stone Care: Color-Enhancer / Sealer

Excellent, effective and easy-to-apply product to provide a darker color and a "wet look" surface sheen on all honed natural stone countertops and floor tile. 

Marble & Granite Countertop Sealing, Cleaning, and Polishing Kit bottles
Stone Care: Marble and Granite Countertop Sealing/Cleaning Kit

Protect, Clean, and Maintain Beauty!  This kit includes:

  • STONE SEALER: Water-based impregnating marble & granite sealer
  • COUNTERTOP CLEANER: Streak-free, pH-neutral daily marble & granite countertop cleaner
  • STONE POLISH: Topical granite & marble polish for enhanced shine, color & protection

Sealing Granite Countertops, Marble & Travertine Tile

When sealing granite countertops, marble & travertine tile floors and all natural stone installations you want superior long-lasting stain resistance. And that's what you get with the "Top Shelf" marble & granite sealers produced by Stone Care and SenGuard.

We aim to offer only the best marble & granite countertop care products available and we are impressed with
Stone Care products... "Made by Pros." And SenGuard is the ultimate permanently-bonding granite sealer on the market.