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Stone Care: Marble Repair and Polishing Kit


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Marble Maintenance, Polishing & Repair Kit

Restore, Clean, Polish! This marble maintenance kit comes with:

  • MARBLE POLISHING POWDER: 6 oz. to repair etch marks, dull spots, glass-rings, and light scratches restoring the shine & color
  • STONE COUNTERTOP CLEANER: 32 oz. marble & granite cleaning spray for safe and effective daily cleaning. Dries streak-free with optical brighteners. 
  • STONE POLISH: 32 oz. to enhance shine, improve cleaning, minimize fingerprints, condition stone, and add protection.
  • SPRAYERS: Two ( 2 ) trigger sprayers included


You'll be a marble cleaning and maintenance pro and never worry about how to clean marble, travertine, or limestone with the Stone Care Marble Polishing Repair Kit.


Over time you may encounter scratches or dull marks called "etching" that can occur from contact with acidic foods, drinks, and harsh cleaners. Avoiding contact with such damaging products is the best advice, but it's nice to know that you can restore the marble yourself with our professional marble polishing powder engineered to remove etch marks and scratches restoring the color and shine. Easy to use! 


And you'll never make the mistake of damaging your marble by using the wrong cleaning product. The included Marble Cleaner is specially formulated to be a safe and superior product for cleaning marble countertops, all types of natural stone, and all finishes.


For the ultimate in marble care, you'll love the enhanced shine, color, and protection provided by the Stone Conditioning Polish. (Not for use on floors)

Not for use on a "honed" (matte) finish. The Etch Remover Touch Up will make a honed finish shiny. Use only on a "polished" (shiny finish) marble, travertine, limestone, or onyx.

On honed finishes use the Etch Remover / Marble Polishing Pads - Drill Kit to repair etch marks and restore the color and honed finish. 

However, the Stone Cleaner and Stone Polish can be used on a honed, polished, or any other type of finish.

NOTE: The Marble Polishing Powder and Stone Conditioner are two different types of "polishing" products. The Marble Polishing Powder is used to remove etch marks, dull spots and water rings. The Stone Conditioner will not remove etch marks, however, it will enhance the shine on undamaged or slightly worn surfaces for a little Wow! factor.

Reviewed by Nancy B, 05/15/2023

I appreciate that your products are specifically made to care for stone and other special materials. My husband and I spent a significant (to us) amount of money to have the countertops and flooring we have in our apartment and I’m thankful that I learned to properly care for them before I caused any damage by using typical products that are too harsh and can cause damage. Your products make our kitchen and bathroom countertops and flooring look beautiful and even helped to repair where kitty litter caused some damage on our bathroom flooring. Thank you.

Reviewed by Shailendra P, 03/13/2023

I had searched online for help to mitigate some rings and etches left on a quartz vanity top due to a slightly leaky contained of cleaner left it - circles from the bottom if the jug and a few spill marks. having a professional cleaner come and restore seemed prohibitively expensive. The kit sold is not so cheap but I took a gamble and it worked really well. I used the ETCH marble polishing powder to reduce the etch, some hard work and now the etch is only visible to those who knew it was there! Definitely recommend this and this product can be used to even restore some shine on aged surfaces!

Reviewed by Brittany , 05/19/2022

This company's customer service is insanely amazing. I mistyped my shipping address and they worked with me to get it resolved, really bent over backwards. They sent me a new one to a new address, so I didn't have to wait, while they worked themselves to get the other one sent back to them. The product works really well, too. Very satisfied. Thanks for the help & the product.

Reviewed by Denise C, 01/03/2022

I just wanted to let you know that your etch remover saved our marble bathroom countertop. Our cleaning lady sprayed Windex all over the countertop to clean it. In her defense, I didn’t discourage her from using it. We neither one knew the damage it would cause. I tried one other cleaning product that was supposed to remove the etching, but it didn’t work. Then I found your website and decided to try your products. The results are amazing. It was not an easy process, but so happy with the results. Thank-you!

Reviewed by Heather B, 05/12/2021

I thought my travertine tile floors were ruined from my senior cat’s vomit (in several areas!), but after I found your website and learned about “etching”, I decided to give your products a try! I followed the easy directions, and my floors look new again! Thank you!!

Reviewed by Pam M, 07/10/2020

I received my items, thank you very much. And I used them the same day for a huge badly etched area of my marble countertop and I was so very happy to see how well the products worked. I had to give it three tries in one area as it was very badly etched but the etching is all gone now.

I have no regrets and would order again without hesitation!

Reviewed by Phil W, 06/15/2020

Holy Wow! This stuff worked great. I was hesitant but in a bind as we are getting ready to put the house on the market. The restoration powder did wonders on the the etch marks . The cleaner and polish had it looking new in no time. Great product and definitely would recommend.

Reviewed by Gerald W, 04/15/2019

100% satisfied. Products worked as described.

Reviewed by Lynn H, 11/15/2018

I was crossing my fingers when I ordered the products---hoping that they would work. Our marble countertop in our master bath is about 15 years old, and it's never had anything done to it. I used the powder, it took a couple of applications but the marble is like new again. The instructions were perfect and easy to follow. Everything is fool-proof and definitely easy for us non-pros to use!

Reviewed by Michael M, 09/03/2018

We had a new bathroom vanity installed with a marble countertop. When I was cleaning the tub and set an aerosol can of foam cleaner on top of the counter a couple of times. Later I saw that the wet bottom of the can had made some light etch rings on the marble. (won't let cleaning products near the marble again) Ordered the marble kit. Two times with the etch powder and the marks were gone. Polished the surface and it shines much better than when it was new. From now on will only use your cleaner on the surface. Great products. Thanks

Reviewed by Danielle S, 06/08/2018

This kit really works.... The marble etch remover powder is great. It took off the etching and the marble looks like new. easy application to follow ... I recommend

Reviewed by Norbert K, 03/20/2018

Product arrived and I have already used it. Initial results were fantastic. My white grout is once again brilliant white instead of yellow.

Reviewed by Katherine V, 01/31/2018

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your polishing powder and cleaner. I have never seen the marble countertops in my bathroom look shinier. I will definitely be ordering more!

Reviewed by GIna R, 08/25/2017

I am very happy with the products that I ordered! They work very well! I
will be in the near future ordering the stainless steel cleaner also. I'm
definitely a person who likes clean with a shine! My order came amazingly quick too.

Reviewed by Michael W, 10/07/2016

I spilled a glass of red wine on my travertine coffee table. Even though the spill was immediately cleaned up, there was a large etch mark left behind. After using all 3 products and following the directions carefully, the table looks almost like new. Very pleased with the results.

Reviewed by Carol F, 05/03/2016

The polishing powder worked on my countertop and nothing else has ever worked!!!
I am so very excited!!! Thanks so much and I will be ordering more and recommending to

Reviewed by Debbie H, 04/01/2016

Great products. Glad I purchased the kit. Still a work in progress so my hope is to have the results others have.

Reviewed by Lisa R, 09/09/2015

I thought I had totally ruined my brand new bathroom vanity (a marble topped dresser converted to vanity). I let liquid soap set for about an hour that left a spot. Then I tried to clean it with a bathroom grout cleaner - worse but over a larger area. Then I tried to clean that with scrubbing bubbles over the entire top. Oh NO!!!! No one at orange HD or blue L knew anything about marble etching - no help there! Then I found this website. After reading so many positive reviews I thought $50 is not a bad try.

I ordered the marble care kit. It came very quickly like a week or less. I tried this Marble Polishing Powder (Etch Remover) on the worse area and, after some time and elbow grease, it actually came out. So, I used it over the entire top. I followed the polish with the Granite & Marble Spray Cleaner and the Topical Stone Polish. It really does look better than it did new. No, it really does! The black seems blacker, deeper, richer color. The whites seem whiter, and the shine is phenomenal. It took about 3-4 applications on the worst spots but only one application on the scrubbing bubbles areas. The whole 6-ft top took a little over 2 hours. Now, I only clean with the spray cleaner and use the spray polish about once a month or less.


Reviewed by Tony M, 12/22/2014

This product (Stone Care Marble Repair & Polishing Kit) turned out to be a pleasant surprise; it's a rare occurrence these days when a product delivers results beyond expectations. Worth every penny-HIGHLY recommend this offering.

Reviewed by Bil T, 11/26/2014

the polish works amazing! love the product

Reviewed by John F, 10/22/2014

Thank you! Your products and advice were spot on.

Reviewed by Jamie T, 10/13/2014

Your products are truly amazing! 1) I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I received the order. 2) The marble care kit saved the marble counter tops in my master bath! I have a newly built home and due to a mistake in the design center, I ended up with marble bath counters rather than granite. Assuming I had sealed granite, I used a cleaning product that was too harsh and left horrible "stains" on the surface. Upon inspection by the builder, I was told that the surface was marble and that the "stains" were in fact a chemical burn or etching. Furthermore, it was not a warranty item, as the etching occurred after closing. The company that installed the marble counter tops said there was nothing that could be done, and replacement, on my dime, was the only option. You can imagine my heartbreak when I realized I had just ruined two eight foot marble bath counters and would have to foot the bill for replacement. After a little Internet research, I came across your miracle products. With little effort and time, the bath counters look even better than before! Thank you for making such an amazing product and for excellent customer service!

Reviewed by Jack L, 05/10/2014

I cannot recall ever writing a testimonial before, but your marble polishing product solved our problem so completely and easily that I just had to write about it. We had a couple "stains" from cat vomit on a marble floor that was not cleaned up for a couple hours. First of all, your site explained why our previous efforts to "remove the stain" with marble cleaners failed (and fortunately did no further damage). Since the etching was not severe, your etch remover made the marble look new with little effort. Thank you!

Reviewed by Daniel W, 02/11/2014

I was hesitant reading some views from some prior customers, and I still researched that this restore marble kit was my best shot after I used kaboom to clean my marble double vanity. It left etching marks that were terrible and your product within about 10-20 minutes restored it back to its beauty. Simple and easy paste and water creating a slushy substance and just swirl and scrub into the marble and bam restored. Thanks again guys for a great product. If I ever run out I'll be sure to come back. At least I know your product works. #TRUESTORY

Reviewed by Penny N, 05/23/2013

This product works!!! My second attempt at finding a product to polish small area of etching caused by vinegar and with some "elbow grease my new marble top looks new again!! Could not be more pleased with the product or the company.

Reviewed by Brandy G, 03/14/2012

I bought this product when only two days after paying off the brand new polished marble counter tops in my kitchen my mother-in-law left a cut lemon on the counter over night. I was devastated. We have emperador dark counters and there was a dull and etched spot about the size of a fifty cent piece. This stuff worked and I'm SO glad I took the chance to buy. I'm still careful with my counters but now I know that if something happens this product will save the day!

Reviewed by Judy , 11/11/2011

My cleaning lady used a harsh cleaner on my bathroom sink which splashed onto my marble countertop. It took the shine/finish off and looked terrible. I really thought it was ruined. I tried a few things before buying this product but nothing worked.
The marble etch remover paste worked great. It took off the etching and my marble looks almost like new. I think with another application it would improve even more. I do believe it shines more now than when I bought it. It did take a bit of rubbing in but was well worth it.
My only complaint is that when I opened the package some of the Dazzle Stone Polish had leaked. I notified the company and received a prompt reply. They both apologized and immediately sent another bottle. I could not be more happy with this company. Their products and service have been excellent."

Reviewed by Dara , 10/22/2011

My cleaning lady used something on my marble counter top that took the finish right off in one spot. I used this product and the spot didn't completely go away at first, but with repeat uses I can tell it's coming out. Plus, my counter is now super shiny and nice and way better than it was before I used the product. Definitely recommend...Dara Pettinelli
===ADMIN COMMENT: Yes, repeated applications may be necessary. Each marble is of slightly different composition and the severity of the etch mark will affect the number of applications required, however, the Etch Remover product will fully restore the shine and color to the damaged area. The only exception is for "severe" (rough to the touch) etch marks, which typically require professional treatment.

Reviewed by Gale W, 04/04/2011

I have enjoyed my products that I ordered from countertop specialty so far.
The reason that I ordered is that I had a black marble countertop that my
son ruined by using a harsh cleaner on. The countertop had turned a dull
grey and looked atrocious! I used the marble etch remover (and some elbow
grease) I performed the application twice and then used the stone plus spray
to clean it and sealed the countertop. It looks so much better. It is not
perfect but a marked difference. I am pleased to hand my sons cleaning
products that they can use to clean the entire marble bathroom.

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