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About Us

Our 'Specialty' is YOU! 

Countertop Specialty  is a family-owned and operated company enthusiastically helping homeowners, remodelers and designers learn about and care for granite, marble, quartz and other luxury countertop and flooring surfaces. 

For many years, we were hard at work installing the finest countertop surfaces in homes and businesses around the greater Dallas, TX area including the Dallas Cowboys football and cheerleader facilities.... Go Team!

With each project, we always made a point of educating our clients to ensure they installed the best surface suited to their needs and design and fully understood how to properly maintain the surface for optimum use, enjoyment, and to preserve the beauty of their countertop investment.  

Starting in 2005 we began sharing all our years of knowledge and experience online so now you can (along with people across the USA and globally) easily learn all the nuances, tricks and tips of how to choose, install, properly clean and care for luxury countertop surfaces. 

You'll find hundreds of pages of detailed information and advice on our main site CountertopSpecialty.com and here on our store you'll find our top product recommendations from years of using all the different brands and types of stone sealers, cleaners and repair products. All the products you may need for various purposes are listed by category with complete descriptions. 

Currently, we are done with the dust and no longer install countertops. In building our website, we put much effort into presenting the most in-depth and unbiased information available and CountertopSpecialty.com quickly became a top online consumer resource for all things "countertops".
We now focus 100% of our energy providing you with a thoroughly educational, helpful and delightful experience when visiting our website and shopping on our store.  
Our Promise to You
Just like when we were installing beautiful marble & granite countertops, we take pride in providing premium service to our clients and being the best of the best online. We can't promise that you'll never encounter a difficulty. We absolutely do promise that we will always do whatever possible and necessary to solve any problems, ensure your satisfaction and take care of you like one of the family. 
Our Guarantee
We stand behind all products available here on our store with a 100% money-back guarantee.
All are proven, top quality products with superior performance and will work when properly applied for the intended purpose.
Contact us (click the green "Support" tab on the left side of the screen) if you ever have difficulty using a product or achieving the expected result and we will eagerly help you diagnose the issue and provide the needed guidance or solution to achieve the desired result. 
If we cannot help you solve the problem using a properly applied product, then we will immediately refund your purchase. Our aim is to educate, help you maintain your countertops and floors in optimum condition and solve any stone care issue you may have... not just sell you a product. 
At CountertopSpecialty.com.... Our "Specialty" is You. We are always here to help. Count on it!
And we always appreciate hearing your feedback. Let us know what you think (click the orange "Support" tab on the left side of the screen) about our website, products, and service or any ideas you have about how we can improve. 
Thanks so much for stopping by! Please enjoy your visit with us. Take care, have fun, and good luck with your project!
Ryan Burden, Owner
Countertop Specialty
3824 Cedar Springs Rd.
Dallas, TX