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Canada / International Customers: PLEASE NOTE: The granite countertop care and marble cleaning products listed in this category represent the best, highly-recommend products/brands available for delivery to "international" addresses (non-US addresses). Please be assureed these products perform the same/similar function and are as excellent and effective as the same type of product listed elsewhere on our store.

Products in this category (and only products listed in this category) can be shipped to most countries around the world other than the USA. Please see our Shipping Policy for complete details.

For delivery to US addresses please see recommended products listed under all other categories on the Store Front page (click here).

Any orders for delivery to a US address containing products in this category will be modified and (appropriately refunded) to eliminate the products found in this "international" category.

Marble and Granite chip and pit repair kit clear acrylic gel
Pits / Chips: Marble and Granite Repair Kit (clear gel)


Fill chips & pits for virturally invisible repair: granite, marble, Silestone, quartz, Corian, travertine, floor tile, limestone, slate, onyx, all natural stone, & porcelain tile.

For horizontal surface. Fills 5-10 small pits.

Marble and granite chips and pits repair kit - paste for vertical surfaces
Pits / Chips: Granite and Marble Repair Kit (clear paste)

Fills chips, pits & nicks for nearly invisible repair of granite, marble, quartz countertops, travertine, limestone, slate, Silestone, Corian, tub & shower tile.

For walls & edges. Up to 25 small repairs.

Pits / Chips: Black Granite and Marble Repair Kit (black gel)

Quickly  fills pits, chips, gouges and deep scratches for virtually invisible repair on granite, marble, quartz, Corian, porcelain, floor tile, tub & shower tile.

Sufficient material for 10-15 repairs