Countertop Specialty Stone Care Product Testimonials




Here's what our customers say about Countertop Specialty products and service...


“I am blown away by how thorough you guys are. Once again, your customer support is above and beyond and greatly appreciated.”

— Alex Hendler, NY


“I am so impressed with the customer service that Countertop Specialty gives their clients. Thank you!”

— Carolyn Grimes, MA


“This product saved my marble countertop! I love the polish. I can not believe the dull spots are gone!”

— Colleen Waldref, Oregon


“I really can't thank you enough! Really, really awesome customer service and information! Wow! Made my day! :)”

— Presiyan Gurin


“Let me say first that your responsiveness and overall customer service attitude are exemplary.”

— Mike Casteel, GA


“You have absolutely excellent products and quick service. ​Thank you that your products work and do what you say!​ And for fast shipping!”

— Margaret Lovell, LA


“Love, love, love your products. I just bought the marble floor cleaner and the marble and grout cleaner. My shower never looked so clean. It felt new again! Thank you!!!!”

— Lisa Jerrell, VA


"Want you to know how much I learned from your site. Nice to get straight, honest answers!"

— Gerri G. Radford, VA


"This is an ABSOLUTELY fabulous site. Thanks for all the great info. I have added it to my favorites and plan to consult it before buying anything."

— Maria P. Healdsburg, CA


“You are wonderful!  I am eternally grateful and will let you know the outcome.  You’re the ONLY place I know of—and I did TONS of research—which knew what I should do. Thank you!”

— Michele Petersen, CA


“Thank you again!  Your company has excellent customer service and follow-up that I'll remember for any future needs I have.”

— Lori Zoos, OH


“Your product worked awesome, exceeded expectations, and customer support is fantastic!”

— Alexis Ascher, New York


“I truly appreciate you responding in such a positive way and honoring the expired discount. It shows integrity and a true appreciation of your customer base. An attribute lost in today’s business climate. Thank you, and I guarantee you have a customer for as long as I’m in business and a referral for life.”

— Chuck Booth, Houston, TX


“I will definitely shop from you in the future.  Wonderful customer service!”

— Debi Kelly, NJ


“Thank you so much for the care and attention you put into my small order, it says a lot about your company.”

— Amie Gillett, TX


“I appreciate that I was able to write in, ask questions, and received a detailed response quickly. Great service.”

— Sheila Hansen, NC


“I would really rate everything about your website, technical/professional information, and customer service as outstanding.”

— Richard Wichinski, WI



I recently received a link to the Countertop Specialty website from a friend who specifically suggested I read about marble etching and the Etch Remover product.

After reading the information and reviews, I made the purchase and instantly received THE most extraordinary confirmation note I have EVER received!  I literally visualized the party at CS and wished I was there celebrating with you…over my tiny little order! Hahahahaha

Anyway…I must tell you that your customer service is exemplary!  I not only received the quickest confirmation I’ve EVER received, I received the blessing of feeling like a valued customer!  I also received a little afternoon belly laugh which I had to share with my husband!  (We both laughed out loud and said, “That’s excellent”!) 

So…THANK YOU for the blessing…and for havin’ a party for us!! We feel so valued!

We will be sure to spread the word about your customer service… AND your products!”

— Debra Colabrese, PA


“Your website is a great source of knowledge on natural stone. Your products are excellent. They work great on my marble floors, countertops, and shower. Thanks.”

— Bartlomiej Sak, IL


“Thanks for all this great advice. I appreciate the education on how to take care of my marble!”

— Steven Hill, OR


“Thank you for your excellent customer service, which is a credit to your company.”

— Charles LiMandri, CA


“Hello! I love your products - I was so impressed by my recent first purchase that I just bought more!”

— Arianna Wooledge, MI